(Another "Another Karamazov" Project)

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May 12, 2021 - Principle photography is wrapped on Another Karamazov.


When the stage production of 'The Karamazovs' was cancelled mid-run in March 2020 due to the pandemic, rather than walk away from the project director Anna Brenner used the remaining budget and a year of no theater to turn it into a feature film.

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Main shooting took the form of a sixteen member cast and crew COVID bubble sheltering in place on Martha's Vineyard in February, with the remainder of photography taking place through March, April and May in New York and New Jersey.

This is the kind of art I always want to be making; insistent, adaptable, curious, hungry work with a family of like-minded artists and craftspeople. It was a dream and I am incredibly grateful.


NOVEMBER 13-14, 2020

After The Karamazovs was cancelled in March mid-run due to Covid-19, Ross and the rest of crew continued working on the project, exploring how to best keep telling this story in a post-pandemic world.

The first iteration of this is a two night multimedia performance at the New Ohio Theater's Producer's club, incorporating live performance in the theater space with pre-recorded video and live voice over from other actors over video conferencing software. Get tickets here.


Stay tuned in December and January for information on the next step in the Karamazov journey.



Since 2017 Ross has been working with longtime collaborator Anna Brenner and a group of incredible artists to create a devised stage adaptation of Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamozov. Runs through March at The New Ohio Theater in New York City.  


"A triumph of multimedia, cross-genre storytelling that champions investigative boldness in devised theatrical experiences, this is a fresh, titillating production not to be missed."

- OnStageBlog


"Each performance works harmoniously with the others, each actor a gem of tragicomedy."

- OnStageBlog